Beauty mixes with horror

Armed police raid house to house

Through neat rows with large enclosures

Eighty homes are turned upside down

Posturing and threatening

Harassing and hassling, they question Hassan

They check cupboards and surfaces

But no papers are found

What shepherd or kolbar leaves papers around?

Maybe they’ll return and check again.

What if they go to the pen or the feeding trough?

Telephone numbers or names on a page

Anything written can be evidence of crimes never committed

A shopping list is evidence

A family’s supply list is evidence

They only have to find something written

Hassan himself can barely read

They will be no better

His Uncles decide after the raid

That the time has come for him to flee

A friend close to his heart is no more

He’s a victim to target practice

For Kurdish kolbars are just that

Government sharp shooters

Need to practice killing skills on them

More than for dropping bombs from a plane

To gas whole villages

But this slaughter is sterile

Painless and sudden

At least for Barzan

But for Hassan, for Aram, for all the shepherds

Happy memories are wiped out in an instant

The pain remains for a lifetime


2 thoughts on “Kolbars

  1. A very painful reality! Lost in thought, one wonderers why men do thus to those of their kind and in deep sorrow, sin in the human heart is certainly the cause of all this pain. In deep compassion, one can only cry out to God that Hassan may have a glimpse of Him coming to his rescue and actually experience Him. Our hearts weep and we rest in knowing that even in thus pain and chaos, Gos hasn’t forgotten him.

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